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The Photographer I was born and raised in California. I have been taking photographs for much of my life. Most of the photos on this web site were taken within the last few years in the Western United States. I lived with my wife Dayadevi and dogs in a 40 ft Newmar Dutch Star motor home for 8 years until 2012.

In 1999 we moved to a four acre ranch in Redwood Valley, CA. Although it was very beautiful and I was happy to stay at home and work on developing my productivity software, I longed to get out and take more photos. I especially wanted to go to many places I had never been to before. So in 2004, we decided to sell the ranch and buy a motor home.

We had no idea how much we would like life on the road, or what to do with all of our stuff, so we also decided to buy a home in Oregon. A few months later, we bought the house and then the motor home and started living life on the road.

Through the power of intention, perseverance and positive attitude, we achieved our dream relatively easily and quickly. Here's my explanation of life and what is reality.

I have many more photos than are displayed on this site. If you have a particular subject you would like a photo of, please contact me. I am also available for special assignments.

All photos on this site were taken with Canon Digital Cameras and most have been cropped, and digitally processed. If you would like to purchase full frame (processed or unprocessed) jpgs, or prints cropped to any dimension, please contact me.

I retain all rights to make copies of any photograph shown on this site, unless reprint rights have been negotiated. Please contact me if you would like to republish (either in print or on the web) any of my photographs. Click here for more about copyrights.

I am a Photographer, not a Biologist. If you find a photo on any of these pages that you believe is mis-labeled, please let me know. In many cases, I have only someone else's word to go by, about what the subject of my photograph is. In most cases I can tell you approximately when and where these photos were taken, if you are interested.

Feel free to contact me at or call me at 503-560-1028 for more information.

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