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sample before restoration
Before Restoration
sample after restoration
After Restoration

Do you have an old photo that is scratched, bent or torn? Would you like it to be restored and reprinted so that it looks like new?

If so, here is how our photo restoring service works:

  1. Send us an email at and describe the photo, its condition and what size reprints you would like. If you can send a scan of the photo, that would be ideal.
  2. We will contact you by email or by phone to discuss the project and give you a price for the restoration of your photo and any reprints.
  3. Send us your original photo by mail (or a high resolution scan of it by email) and your payment.
  4. After the restoration is completed, we will put it up on our website (in a private location) and send you the link so you can see the new photo.
  5. After receiving your payment, we will send you the prints and/or CDs that you have ordered via the carrier of your choice.


Minor Restoration - $25
Remove a few scratches and/or spots, minor contrast adjustments
Photo must be in focus with no missing pieces and no facial reconstruction.

Medium Restoration - $45
Remove any scratches and spots, adjust contrast and color
Photo must be in focus with no missing pieces and only minor facial reconstruction.

Major Restoration - $60 to $90
Remove any scratches and spots, adjust contrast and color
Recreate missing pieces, major facial reconstruction, and object eliminations

All restorations are saved on CD for future use and archived in our vault.

Prints and CDs

  • 4" x 5" - $6.00 (4 for $18.00)
  • 5" x 7" - $10.00 (2 for $18.00)
  • 8" x 10" - $18.00
  • 11" x 17" - $25.00
  • Wallet - 9 for $18.00
  • CDs - $10.00

Matting, Shipping and Handling

If you want your new photos matted before being shipped to you, let us know and we will add the cost for this to your order. Shipping and handling charges will also be added to each order, depending on what you want returned to you, and the carrier you choose.


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