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5/31/06 - Red Canyon
The next day we moved the coach to the Red Canyon RV Park and I took Tara for a walk up this very steep trail in Red Canyon. photo It was quite a view from the top, but a very scary trip back down.

Kodachrome Basin
Kodachrome Basin State Park

6/02/06 - Kodachrome Basin
On Friday, June 2 we visited Kodachrome Basin State Park photo which I found very beautiful. On the way we met this Buffalo family with a brand new Buffalo calf photo. Then we drove down a long dirt road through Cottonwood Canyon to Grosvenor's Arch photo which is amazing.

On the way back we stopped to check out this interesting old log cabin photo and this beautiful rock formation which I think was called Promise Rock photo.

Grand Staircase - Escalente National Monument
Grand Staircase - Escalente National Monument

6/03/06 - Grand Staircase - Escalente National Monument
The next day we took a fairly long drive up Hwy 12 to Boulder, UT. Our first stop was to check out these Fallow deer photo and a small herd of Buffalo.

Visitor's Center in Escalante
Visitor's Center in Escalante

Then we stopped at the Visitors Center in Cannonville (Map) which was very interesting. Next we stopped at the Visitor's Center in Escalante which was even better. They have a very cool sculpture of a lizard in front. We watched a good short film about the area while we were there.

Back on the road we were impressed with the beautiful rocky landscape photo on the way to Boulder. photo Here are lots more photos from the Grand Staircase - Escalente National Monument. photo

6/04/06 - Red Canyon Reprise
Sunday we stayed closer to home and explored the Red Canyon photo area a bit more. We saw lots of these great old twisted Juniper Pine trunks.

The next day I took Tara back to Red Canyon one more time for a hike in a different place, and took lots more photos. photo

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