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3/2/05 - Interstate 5 to Santa Nella
On Monday my wife Dayadevi drove up to Ukiah to take care of some business there, while I stayed home to catch up on some software development. We visited mom both Monday and yesterday, and left for southern California today.

On the way south, we stopped at Creators Foam Shop in Santa Rosa. We had a custom foam mattress made for us with one side soft (for me) and the other side firmer (for her) and both sides were sagging considerably after only a few months. So they agreed to make a new one for us, which would be ready in a few weeks.

California's Central Valley Aqueduct
California's Central Valley Aqueduct

As the sun began to set we stopped at a rest stop and I shot these photos of the aquaduct running through the central valley of California. We decided to stop at an RV Park in Santa Nella for the night. We will continue south tomorrow.

3/4/05 - Interstate 10 to Desert Hot Springs
Yesterday we stopped for the night in Valencia and then continued through San Bernadino County today. We caught very heavy traffic through most of the LA area and were very glad to finally arrive in the desert. There we found hundreds (perhaps thousands) of windmills working to capture the wind and convert it to electricity photo.

We stopped for the night at Caliente Springs in Desert Hot Springs photo and were treated to a very beautiful RV Park and Golf Resort complete with several swimming pools and hot tubs. We also got treated to a beautiful, stormy evening sky photo and some beautiful flowers. This is our first glimpse of a retirement community that has lots of activites and small plots of land to buy or lease for any length of time. Here is an example of what some of the people in this park have done with their space.

3/6/05 - Quartsite, AZ
We had hoped to get to Quartzsite(Map) in January, when tens of thousands of people converge on this tiny desert town, to set up what may be the world's largest flea market. Rock hounds, snow birds and RVs of every shape and size come here to buy and sell just about anything. Unfortuneatly we were delayed by coach repairs and mom's hospital stay, so by the time we arrived, there were very few people around. The good news was that it was pretty easy to find a camping spot.

cactus garden
Cactus Garden

We arrived yesterday near dark and got settled in. Then today we checked out a few of the remaining vendors and I took these photos of this very colorful glass photo. Next we went for a drive in the desert. Along the way we found this beautiful and interesting rock and cactus garden photo and several great brick walls photo. We would up driving up to a quarry and saw some beautiful desert cactus along the way.

As dusk approached these beautiful thunderclouds photo formed above, of all the things I never expected to see, a desert golf course photo.

Back at the RV Park, I took these pictures of another brick wall and cactus garden.

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