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4/18/05 - Back to the RV Corral
Yesterday we did a little more exploring along the Oregon coast. I was sad to see a small oil slick on the water. One of my favorite places in this section of Oregon is called Seal Rocks.

Seal Rocks
Seal Rocks, near Waldport, OR

That night we were treated to a great rainbow, which went over the Alsea River and seemingly into the RV Park.

Double rainbow
Double Rainbow

Today we drove back over the mountains to the RV Corral in Eugene where we will have some repairs done this week, including some body work on two left rear compartment doors.

4/24/05 - Back to Carlton
The repairs at the RV Corral went OK. They didn't get to paint until Thursday, partially due to weather, but then had to repaint part of it on Friday. We will return in a couple of weeks to get some parts installed that they needed to order for us.

My productivity-software.com website went down sometime on Friday and I couldn't seem to get any real help or satisfaction from my web host Techark, so I made a switch today, deciding to go with GoDaddy.com who I already have most of my other hosting and domain services with. So it has been a little stressful dealing with having my site down, figuring out what to do about it, singing up for a new web host and having to upload all my files to the new server.

Yesterday morning, just before leaving the RV Corral, Bliss had four puppies.

Beautiful Spring Flowers
Beautiful Spring Flowers in Carlton

I took some pictures of many beautiful flowers on the way home. When we got to Carlton, we were greeted by many beautiful flowers in our garden too.

4/26/05 - My Birthday
Yesterday was my birthday. I spent some time working on updating some pages on my new web server and looking into getting a hot tub cover lifter for our spa. I also had another good conversation with Mom, who is still working on becoming ambulatory in the hospital and well enough to go back to the group home.

Late in the afternoon we went for a drive in the hills west of Carlton and saw these unusual deer.

Then we decided to try and find a restaurant we had heard about in the area called d the Flying M Ranch. We had a general idea where it was and found a big sign leading us in that direction, but as darkness began to fall, we realized we were lost. Being the fairly tenancious couple that we are, we decided to keep looking and finally found it as the sun was setting. Unfortunately they had closed for the day at 3pm, so we drove home and had soup and sandwiches instead.

Today, we decided to drive out to the Flying M Ranch and have lunch and then explore the area and take some photos. Here is a very strange tree photo we found. It was an interesting place to eat, but given the longish drive and inconvenient hours, I doubt we will return. It looked like it might be a good place for a vacation though, with a large campground, stables and even an airport.

5/1/05 - Tree Removal
Today our neighbor Armand came over with a helper and removed two small trees from our backyard. One was a six foot Cherry tree that we didn't want for a variety of reasons and the other was a large stump, left over from the last owners of the property. It took them about two and a half hours to dig them out and fill in the holes. They will need to bring in a little more dirt to even out the soil with the rest of the lawn next week.

 wooly caterpillar
Wooly Caterpillar

This afternoon I took these great pictures of a wooly caterpillar in our front yard.

5/3/05 - Finches and Hot Tub Repaired Again
Last Friday our hot tub's circulation pump died. This was not unexpected because ever since we moved it, the pump had been making a quiet rattling sound. Still the $240 repair bill was not welcome. Oregon Hot Springs came out today and fixed it pronto. It was good to be able to use it tonight.

My wife put up a bunch of bird feeders the other day and we now have a whole flock of Finches photo eating several pounds of food a day. They look and sound beautiful though.

5/05/05 - SpiritWorks Software Marketing Plan
I have known for quite awhile that I need help marketing my software products. I am a pretty good programmer, and I don't mind handling customer support calls and emails, but I'm not so great at promoting. Last year I hired someone to help, and she did an OK job for a couple of months and then flaked out on me. So I have begun to look again for a writer/marketing person this week. I talked with Marc on the phone last night and I think he has sold me on starting with a formal Marketing Plan document that would describe all the possible things that could be done. Then we will be able to choose which ones to tackle first.

5/07/05 - Beautiful Spring Flowers
Today I mowed the lawn and spent some time pulling weeds in preparation for leaving again tomorrow. It's kind of sad to do all this work and then not be able to enjoy it for very long. But even if I am not there I want the place to look somewhat presentable. We'll be back to enjoy it someday...

Spring Flowers
Spring Flowers

This afternoon we went for a drive and I took these beautiful photos of various flowers.

5/12/05 - RV Corral Repairs Continued
On Monday we returned to the RV Corral to get the parts that had been ordered installed. On Tuesday morning we were instructed to move the coach to another location, so we pulled in the slides and started to move slowly about 150 yards. Dayadevi was holding a few things in place while we moved the short distance and all of a sudden about a quart of water fell on her from a light fixture above her head with enough force to knock her glasses off of her head. She yelled for me to stop and after assessing the situation we called on a technition to come and take a look.

The spent the rest of Tuesday looking for where the leak came from without much success. They did manage to replace our bedroom window which was not operating properly without too much trouble though. On Wednesday they decided to pressurize the coach and locate the leak that way.

So, we decided to take our computers to the local Mac store and have them checked out. My wife had been having trouble getting hers to start up, which they were able to fix in fairly short order. While we were there we decided to upgrade the RAM in both computers to at least 1MB and to buy a 250GB backup drive. Then we went to lunch at an excellent Italian restaurant that was nearby. After lunch I tried to start up my computer and it would not boot, so we took it back to the Mac shop where they determined that the RAM they had installed was bad. So they put in another 1MB chip and away we went.

When we got back to the RV Corral we were told that they found a small leak in the seam between the roof and the front cap. They had a big dehumidifier going in the coach, to try and suck all the moisture out of the ceiling, where it had collected in a few spots. We got to live with that noisy humidifier all last night and today.

5/13/05 - Friday the 13th
This morning we left the RV Corral and drove back over to the Chinook RV Park in Waldport. Dayadevi has a two day painting class and meeting in Yachats. As we headed for the coast we noticed that the diesel motor was making an unusual noise, so we decided to go back and have it checked out. RV Corral didn't think it was serious, but called the local Cummins dealer and made us an immediate appointment. When we got there, a technition crawled under the motor and determined that a bolt was missing from the turbo charger we had had replaced in January.

So a couple of hours later we were back on the road with the diesel purring right along. We made it to Newport at about dinner time, so we stopped for a good Chinese meal. As I was pulling out from the restaurant I hopped over a curb and two glass dinner plates jumped out of a cabinet and broke into a million pieces. We stopped long enough to clean up some of the mess, but decided to get to Waldport before dark and clean up the rest there.

What a Friday the 13th! Fortunately repairs were easily fixed and no lasting damage was done. The best news was that Mom finally left the hospital and returned to the group home where her stuff is. Halleluiah!

Red Hot Pokers
Red Hot Pokers

5/15/05 - More Flower Photos
The best part of these classes my wife is taking, for me, is that I get to explore and take photos at my leisure. She is really very supportive of my creative efforts, but I often feel hesitant to stop as often as I would like or to stay as long in a particular spot, because she is waiting on me.

5/17/05 - Back to RV Corral
Yesterday we returned to Gold Chevrolet in Newport (Map) to get our Trailblazer's drivers seat repaired. When I took it to them a month ago, they said they could not order a part and then hold it indefinitely, so I called them about a week ago and had them order what they because I knew I would be in the area. They were very professional and have a great waiting area (complete with popcorn, coffee and other drinks) but apparently the part they ordered was not the correct one, so I left with the same problem I have had for many months now.

This afternoon we drove back to the RV Corral to have them continue sucking the moisture out of our ceiling with their industrial strength dehumidifier. We will probably spend all day here tomorrow too and then head back to California for a while.

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